Check-in  : From 15:00

Check-out: Until 11:00

▶ Payment

- We require a deposit of 20% and credit card information in order to confirm your booking. Total Payment must be made in KRW in cash upon check in. Request to pay the balance with credit card will cause 10% additional transaction fee will be applied. If the number of guests arrive upon room check in exceed the number of guests you booked, the difference of room fare will be collected on spot. If the number of guest arrived is less than the number of guest you booked, there is no refund for this reservation.


▶ Unruly Action
– If K2 Comfy Stay staff has been reported with complaints of a certain guest’s action resulting in the disturbance of other guests, K2 Comfy Stay holds the right to terminate the booking with an eviction order with no refunds of any kind. This includes K2 Comfy Stay’s right to refuse entry to the building of any person under the influence of illegal drugs or excessive alcohol.


▶ Smoking Violations
– K2 COmfy Stay is a non-smoking building by law. Smoking on grounds will be strictly limited to designated smoking areas on the ground floor. Any guest found smoking outside these areas will be charged with a W100,000 penalty. 


▶ Compensation For Damages
– Any guest causing damage to the building or furnishing is liable in accordance with compensation for damages. Losing of wifi egg will cause 100,000won penalty.


▶ Responsibility
–K2 Comfy Stay does not hold responsibility for any cancellation or changes of your reservation caused by external reasons. This includes flight issues and personal issues.








如果因為一些客人的行為導致其他客人受到幹擾的情況下,那麼K2 Comfy Stay擁有終止交易的權利,並且沒有任何退款。這包括客人在建築物內使用非法藥物或過量酒精,K2 COMFY STAY 有權利拒絕此客戶進入我們的建築物。


​▶吸煙違規K2 COmfy Stay是一個非吸煙建築。地面吸煙將嚴格限於一樓的指定吸煙區域。任何客人發現在這些地區以外吸煙將被徵收W100,000的罰款。



遗失wifi egg 将收取W100,000 赔偿金。



K2 Comfy Stay不對外部原因造成的任何取消或更改对您的預訂負責。這包括飛行問題和個人問題。


In the event that a booking is cancelled for any reason, the following will apply:


Booking Cancelled (days before arrival) 

30 days of arrival date (or 'no show') 

100% of balance room fare will be charged through credit card


**Nothing will be charged if cancelled more than 30 days prior to check in. 100% deposit will be refunded too.